StarCraft Remastered announced for PC

Blizzard Entertainment has announced StarCraft: Remastered, a remastered version of the 1998-released real-time strategy classic.

It will launch for PC this summer (Q2 2017).


I was worried they might be replacing the classic visuals with 3D modeled characters and environments, but I guess they’re just making the sprites cleaner and higher resolution so I’m 100% in favor of this.

Blizzard said that they talked to Korean pro players and said that they’re not going to change the gameplay at all. They specifically mentioned the buggy Dragoons pathing and that they’re leaving all of that in, which is what I want. The only thing that they should fix is the Valkyries not being able to shoot when theres more than like 50 units on the map, that unit is just a complete waste online.

Oh, they’ve said there’s a very high level of compatibility between the remaster and the old client, down to replays and maps being cross-compatible, so it’s very likely they started with the existing codebase which already had a Mac version..


Regardless of whatever qualms people have with Blizzard, you gotta give it to them here. Not only did they updated the game with a ton of fixes and a OpenGL backend, but they also released it for free and a Remaster is coming out soon. Gives me a lot of confidence that Overwatch will get the same kind of support 10 years down the line too.



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