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I am the Founder and Editor-in-Chief here at

Here at NerdOrGeek, I understand the Importance of a Strong Culture and it being the personality of a company, which is why the pictures below may seem to most companies as, “unprofessional”. I hope to always have a fun and creative atmosphere while blogging about what’s awesome. 



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Josh Park 

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Josh is the Senior Editor here at

I spend my time reviewing the website’s articles and making sure all articles are grammatically correct. I joined on with my good friend Jason McCoy, to help him with his endeavors that were focused towards E3. Who would have expected for us to have gotten so big so quickly? For now, we are consistently, and constantly, keeping the website up to par with other websites. Not that I’m saying other websites are almost looked at as rivals, almost as an inspiration.



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My week usually consists of juggling culturally vapid TV  shows such as The Bachelor and Celebrity Apprentice, scanning ebay for  hard to find comic zines, watching obscure, reprehensible movies on  NetFlix and writing about the aforementioned and anything else I like on I also make what I like to call art from time to time.