Skyrim – Making a Shield and Sword type Warrior

Class: Warrior
Race: Orc
Skills: One Handed, Block Heavy, Armor
Shout: Any


You can obviously dual wield or use a two-handed weapon, but I don’t advise it because then you start to become a more Barbaric/Berserker type class. Just because were making a Sword and Shield type warrior doesn’t mean that you have to use specifically a sword. You can use a Axe, Mace, or a Dagger if you really wanted to, but I prefer Swords and Maces. 

Sticking with the most Basic and Generic Warrior is your best bet for now and I’ll explain about this later. Lets get started.


Now as far as race are concerned you can pick any of the four major combat races, with norde and orc probably being the most used races. I like to choose Orc specifically because of their racial ability, “Berserker Rage”, which is amazing. Basically for sixty seconds once per day you give double damage and take half damage, which is ridiculous. Now you can make an argument for the Nordes Battlecry which makes everything flee for 30 seconds, but the reason I don’t like that is because I don’t like to chase things down. When your chasing them, you have to kill them while running, and if you don’t kill them, well then you just gave yourself 30 seconds and then they’re all right back on you.

Now, if you do end up picking Orc, you’re going to get a 10 point bonus in heavy armor and a 5 point bonus in Block, in One-Handed, Two-Handed, Smithing, and Enchanting. This is really good because with the Three Primary skills being One-Handed, Block, and Heavy Armor, this goes great with Smithing and Enchating maxed out at 100, just like every class should. This with Berserker Rage, really makes the Orc the perfect Warrior race. I also like to get Whirlwind Spin.


Weapon: Sword/Axe/Mace
Armor: Heavy
Join Companions
Level Smithing, Enchanting, and Alchemy


Sword, Axes, and Maces of the One-Handed variety are going to be what you want to choose for weapons. As far as Armor is concerned, you want to use Heavy Armor with a Shield. For the guild, join the Companions Guild, which is the only Warrior/Fighter-type guild to join. Also, that is where your Werewolf storyline comes in.

What’s really important is that you put some points into Alchemy because you’re really going to need those health potions. Unlike the Assassins and Mages you can’t just sneak in and kill them one at a time or just cast a fireball into a huge room of 4 or 5 guys and take them all out, you’re going to have to run in and take them all out. So their is going to be times when you get overwhelmed and you’re going to need those health potions, so a few points in Alchemy would really help in getting the most out of those potions.


Stone: Warrior/Lady/Steed
Level Health and Stamina Equally
Enchantments: Absorb Health/Stamina, Paralyze, and Fortify Skills


On to the Guardian Stones, obviously your going to take the Warrior off the bat, which is going to give you a 20% boost in all of your combat skills and use it until your skills are all maxed out and it’s not doing you good anymore. You can then just pick and choose what you want to go with as their is not a lot of good Guardians Stones as far as Warrior Skills/Abilities. You can use the Lady, the lady is going to give you a 25% health and Stamina Regeneration which is great outside of combat, but not so much inside. You can use the Steed, which will give you the extra carry weight of 100 and give you no movement penalty from armor.

Anyway, you’re going to want to level your Health and Stamina equally, not because you have to, but because I don’t know how you’re going to play. So, if you’re going to be the type of guy who relies on Power Attacks more or Shield Bashes more, you obviously want to put more points into Stamina. If you want to play Leroy Jenkins style (running in and NGAF), then level your Health more.

Onto Enchantments, I recommend having two sepparate weapons. One with Absorb Health and Absorb Stamina on it, that’s going to be your main weapon. Your secondary weapon is going to have Paralyze and Soul Trap on it because it Replenishes your Health and Stamina Weapon. Your Absorb Health and Stamina Weapon is going to allow you to be in the Fray longer without running out of Stamina and Dying. As far as armor is concerned, fortify skills is about all you have. You can do fortify stats if you want, but as far as fortify skills are concerned your mainly want to look at Fority One-Handed as it will increase your One-Handed damage.


ATTENTION: Daedric Armor gives more armor than Dragonplate.

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