Skyrim – Making a Battlemage

Class: Battlemage
Race: Breton
Skills: Conjuration, Destruction, One-Handed
Shout: Any Defensive


How to use the stats points: You need a good even mix of the three stats, with stamina probably the least useful. I’d say 2 Magicka, 2 Health, and 1 Stam (until you stam is around 200, then alternate Health and Magicka)


For the people who don’t know what a Battlemage is, it’s a 50/50 split between a Mage and Warrior.

So you’re going to be focusing on a lot of Melee Combat with One-Handed weapons in One Hand, but a spell like Destruction or Conjuration in other hand. You’re going to be wearing a full suit of plate armor in which you’ll get the benefits from a Warrior and a Mage, but you’re going to lose that specialization in either one. So basically, It’s a double-edge sword, you gain a little bit of utilization, but you lose that specialization.


Taking a look at Race, I think that Brenton is the perfect choice to make that this Class Shine. Think of the Classes in Skyrim or the Enemies you’re going to find as Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Assassins being Scissors, Mages being Paper, and Warriors being Rock, in which by that definition makes sense. Assassins, your Bow/Arrow shooting-type characters are always going to be better at killing mages because they can do sneak attacks where it hits the mage, and the mages are so weak that it kills them almost everytime.Your mages are going to be the best against the warriors because as a Warrior is trying to get to the Mage, the mage is casting a frost spells at it making it slow, so the Warrior can’t get to the Mage. Your Warrior is going to be best against Assassins because unlike Mages, the Warrior may actually have a chance to get to the Assassin before the Assassin can deal enough damage and get through all the plate armor and health. If you think about the fact that we are taking a Mage class and Warrior class and Smashing them together, were already going to have less health than a full on Warrior Class, plus couple that with the fact that Mage enemies are already best against a Warrior, we need as much Magic Protection as we can get.

If you look at the Racial Abilities of the Breten, they start with a basic 25% resist magic. So their already going to take 25% less Magic Damage than any of the other races. On top of that, they get their Dragon Skin Power, which absorbs 50% of Magicka from Hostile Spells for 60 Seconds Per day. What that means, Absorb is that as their hitting you 50% of the damage that you’re taking is going to go into mana allowing you cast more spells. So it works for both ways and that’s why the Battlemage is best portrayed by a Brenton.

Now taking a look at their Primary and Secondary Skills, the Brenton get a 10 Point bonus in Conjuration which is great because that’s actually one of the most important schools of Magic as far as a Battlemage is concerned in the Beginning of the game. As far as secondary skills are concerned, they get a 5 point bonus in Alchemy, Alteration, Illusion, Restoration, and Speech. I prefer to see Destruction and One-Handed in their somewhere, but you can’t win them all. Their Racial Ability and their Primary Bonus in Conjuration greatly makes up for those 5 point bonuses and two skills. You can also easily make up both of them up while playing through the game.


 Skills Required to be a Great Battlemage:

Class: Battlemage
Race: Breton
Skills: Conjuration, Destruction, OneHanded
Shout: Any Defensive


In the Beggining of the game, probably for the first 15-20 levels, you’re going to be better off using Bound weapons. If you happen to find the Bound Word Tome as soon as possible and put your first two points into Conjuration to get to the Perk Mystic Binding as fast as possible. By the time your level 2-5, you’re going to be using Ebony level quality swords and you’re never going to find anything to replace that until you get your Smithing or Level high enough to make those items start appearing. This will give you a huge head start.


On to Shout:

As far as the Shout’s concerned, their is really nothing that important that you need for a Battlemage. But something defensive would be good such as: Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Spin, or Ice Form.



Weapon: Bound or Daedric Sword
Armor: Heavy
Stone: Mage/Atronach
Prepare for a weak character early on



You’re going to be using Bound weapons until you can get up to around Daedric Quality. You do want to make sure that whatever sword you’re using is beyond 14 or 15 damage period. Now if it’s a little below 14, but it has a cool enchantment that you want, then you can use that too, but around 14-15 damage or equal is what your aiming for.


You’re going to be using Heavy, so whatever plate or heavy armor you find, make sure you’re wearing that because you want to level that up because were going to be putting skill points into that later.


You can make a couple good arguments for several different combinations, but I choose to go straight mage. Some arguments are for the Warrior Stone or the Lover’s stone to start out with. Once you get to the point where you’re maxing all your skills out and you don’t need any more skills, I like to switch to Atrinoch, and that’s because I like to play a little heavier on the Mage side, but you can choose whichever stone you want, it’s not going to make or break your character.



Remember that in the beginning of the game, you’re going to be very weak and you’re not going to have a lot to have at your disposal as far as ways to kill enemies. You’re also going to be spread thin as far as how you’re leveling. When you level up, you get a choice to put in Magic, Health, and Stamina. You’re going to have to spread those evenly if you want to be a great Battlemage. You can’t go straight health because if you do, then you’re not going to have the mana to cast spells. If you go straight Magic, you’re going to die if you get hit once or twice, so it wont make any sense to run in with a sword. You also can’t disregard Stamina because you are going to be swinging your sword and you’re going to be using power attacks.

Just make sure to have patience to fight through the first few levels and you should be on your way!

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