Skyrim – Mage Skill Tree’s and Perks [Part 2]

Then head on over to the left and grab Regeneration which is all you need to get.


Heading on over to Conjuration your going to want to grab all the spells on the left starting with Summoner and put 2 points in it. Followed by Atromancy only because you have to grab it to get Elemental Potency. Finally the one we been trying to get to, Twin Souls which is amazing.

Side Note: Heading on over to the far right where the Conjuration and Adept are, you don’t have to get these because when you get up to Master Conjuration you have to make these 3 books and when you make these 3 books you can summon Atrinox, and their summoned permanetely. So your half Magicka is not really important because when you summon it, it’s their forever. So do this, get all the way up to 100, grab Twin Souls, and this means is that you can have two permanent Atrinoxs at your side at all times, plus your companion, which is ridiculous.


After you put all three of these skills trees at 100, you’re going to want to level your Enchanting/Smithing. I might write an article about that, who knows. People are saying that Daedric Armor is Statistically better, that may be true, but it’s up to you guys to mix around everything.

Remember guys

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