Skyrim – Mage Skill Tree’s and Perks [Part 1]

Jumping right into the Destruction tree, Obviously you want to grab Novice Destruction first because you can’t get anything without doing that.


Then the very first thing your going to do is head to the right side of the tree and get Destruction Dual Casting and then Impact ASAP. Impact is THE MOST important perk in the entire build.


The next thing you want to do after you get enough skill points is to go up into one of the three elements trees. I chose Augmented Flames, you don’t have to choose anything even including Intense Flames, Deep Freeze, or even Disintegrate. The only time I would get Disintegrate would be when I’m going up the Shock Tree, but you don’t really have to.


Then after that I go all the way up into Master Destruction. Now you don’t have to do that, but I do because I like to have the entire spell book at my disposal if I need it. That’s it for Destruction and I know that it doesn’t sound like much, but that’s going to make you an unstoppable force already.


Next step is Restoration. After getting Novice Restoration get Apprentice Restoration and Adept Restoration. You do not need to go past this and get Expert Restoration or Master Restoration because the Adept level spells are the last levels of spells you actually get a heal spell and once you get up to Expert Restoration you start to get into Circle-type healing spells, where as long as your standing in the circle, any undeads that come in will flee and you will heal in the circle. I just don’t think it’s necessarily to spend your last 2 levels on those. Apprentice and Adept are important.


You can skip Restoration Dual Casting, but make sure to put 2 points into Recovery that’s going to make your Magicka regnerate 50% faster and Avoid Death is really nice to get as it will save you several times throughout your gameplay.

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