Skyrim – Creating a Mage for Beginners

Beginner’s guide to being a Mage in Skyrim

I’ll be giving you a build that will be the easiest and the most fun way to play the game, in my opinion.


So, lets have a look at races. We have 3 races that make a good mage, but I prefer High Elf specifically because their racial for a mage is way better than the other 2.

Class: Mage/Pure Mage

Race: High Elf

Skills: Destruction, Restoration, and Conjuration

Shout: Unrelenting Force


Get Highborn because it will start you with an extra 50 magic from the beginning of the game. And as you well know, in the beginning of the game, when your trying cast your flames and trying to heal yourself, you’ll run out of mana pretty quickly (assuming that you are in a big fight). Highborn will give you that extra boost to jump-start your Mage so you wont have to worry about that as much. The other end of Highborn will allow you to regenerate your magic at 10x speed for 60 Seconds, which is a one per day thing. This is good because it allows you to spam magic spells and heal yourself almost indefinitely. Whereas, the other ones such as the Dark Elf for 60 seconds they basically light themself on fire and anything around them takes damage and they get a 50% resistance to fire, which to me wont really save your life as it is more an offensive ability.

Finally, the Breton get a dragon skin which absorbs 50% of magic from hostile spells for 60 seconds and they get a natural 25% resistance to magic. That’s great and all, but I rather have the ability to heal myself which will give me a resistance to everything not just magic.

Just a note, High Elf is the only race in the game that is specifically only for one style of play. Every bonus they get is in Magic, so they get their 10 Point primary bonus in Illusionary Magic, then a 5 point bonus in the rest of these being: Restoration, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, and Enchanting, which is pretty much a strict magic class and that is why I prefer them.


Now to take a look at skills. Obviously were going to choose Destruction as our Main Offensive spell. Restoration is what’s going to keep you alive/protecting you. They have a couple of perks that will help with magic regeneration. For your third, fourth, fifth school etc.. you can choose anything you want, I just think that Conjuration is the next most important thing for a Solo Pure Mage because you can have that summoned creature tanking all the mobs for you while you attack them.


As far as Shouts are concerned, their is not a lot of shouts in the game that is really great for mages. You can use something offensive such as Storm Call or Firebreath. I prefer to use something more defensive, such as Unrelenting Shout or Whirlwind Spin which is more similar to Blink in World of Warcraft. You can even use something like the Ice Form that will freeze the enemies in front of you so you can run, something that will keep the seperation from you and your enemy. The reason for this is because for the first 20 Levels as you may or may not know, you’re going to be using Robes until your enchanting is high enough for you to actually enchant some armor.

Talking about armor, it doesn’t really affect you in this game, as their is no disadvantage for wearing light/heavy armor. The reason for this is because eventually your going to craft some heavy armor so you take less damage, but for the first few levels (20-30, maybe 40~) you’re going to be using strictly robes, so you don’t want to be hit, and when you do, it REALLY hurts. So, just keep the distance between you and your enemies and you should be fine.


As far as weapons go, you’re not going to be all that concerned about actual weapons as your weapons are going to be your spells. If anything, you might use a Staff but for the most part you’re going to be Dual Casting. If you’re not Dual Casting, you might as well have a primary offensive in one hand and a backup healing spell on the other.

Weapon: None/Staff

Armor: Robes/Heavy

Join the College of Winterhold AKA “The Mages Guild


Now since we are a Mage, were probably going to want to join the Mages Guild as they call it “The College of Winterhold“. I recommend doing that pretty early on in the game, but you want to wait until you went on in the main storyline far enough until you have maxed out your Unrelenting Force and you have your Whirlwind Sprint, as this will make everything easier. Then once you get to that point, you’re going to take a carrage to Winterhold, Join the Mages Guild, and finish their quest line before anything else because it will get you a little bit of nice gear, experience with spells, and obviously a couple of levels.


For a Mage, use the mage stone that you find in the very beginning of the game until you level those skills out to 100. The reason for that is because the Mage Stone will increase the speed in which you learn your skills. Once that is finished and you have all those magic skills leveled out, make sure that your Smithing and Enchanting is maxed out.

Last thing, when you are leveling and you get the chance to choose Magicka, Health, or Stamina choose Magicka every time until level 16. The reason for level 16 is because you start with 100 Magicka, the High Elfs get an extra 50, and 15 levels worth of leveling up into Magicka which will get you another 150, giving you a 300 Base mana pool which is Plenty for anything in the game. By the time you have a decent Enchantment Level and your Fortified Destruction/Restoration spells are on several items, those spells schools are going to cost so little that it’s not going to matter. So their is no reason for a 500/600 Mana Pool as I would rather spend those in Health for Survivability and Stamina for running longer distances and carrying more.I choose to put more points into Health because that way I can have a companion that carries my stuff for me and I don’t to worry about it.

Stone: Mage/Atronach

Level Magicka until around 300 Base MP, then Level Health

Enchant Apparel with Fortify Destruction and Restoration

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