Rumor: PlayStation 4 to stream PS3 games

PlayStation 4 will use Sony cloud gaming service Gaikai to stream PlayStation 3 titles over the internet, Wall Street Journal sources “familiar with the company’s plans” have said.

Microsoft also experimented with cloud gaming for its next generation Xbox, but has “questioned the costs” associated with building such a service, according to the source.


Additionally, the outlet reports that PlayStation 4 has “higher fidelity cameras for its ‘Move’ motion-sensing technology and touch-sensing pads on new controllers,” the latter of which we’ve seen in supposed leaked photos of the controller’s prototype.

The next Xbox will have its similar improvements. Its updated Kinect motion controller will be able to better identify, track, and hear players, says WSJ.


PlayStation 4 is expected to be unveiled on February 20.


My Thoughts:

I’m not going to retire my PS3, not anytime soon. With that said, I hope if this rumor is true that it works kinda like this. I simply insert the games disc into my PS4 , then I connect to the cloud service and start playing. I suppose the disc would register and link to my account.

I’d rather the console have backwards compatibility, but that would likely raise the price quite a bit. I don’t want the price to be really high, I’d like to think Sony doesn’t either.

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