Rumor: Microsoft to unveil next Xbox in spring

Microsoft apparently aware of Sony’s launch.

While Sony is planning to reveal its next-generation PlayStation later this month, Microsoft won’t reveal its next-generation Xbox until spring, according to Polygon “sources familiar with the Microsoft console.” 


“Microsoft, while already aware of Sony’s launch timing, plans to hold its own announcement this spring, months after Sony’s unveiling,” said the website. “A variety of form-factors for Microsoft’s new console, we’re told, are already being focus tested.”

Previous rumors have suggested the next Xbox, code-named Durango, will run on an x64 8-core CPU and have 8 gigabytes of DDR3 RAM.


My Thought:

I’ll be interested to see what road Microsoft takes with the new Xbox. They like to flip-flop on what goals they are trying to achieve, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed things up again.

Lots of discussion in here about XBL vs PSN. I kinda feel the exact opposite of some of you.

I think Xbox Live Gold has to change, it has to evolve. Locking standard features behind a premium service is lame. It always has been, and it always will be. I think MS can do much better with XBLG.

I, along with many others, challenged Sony to do the same thing (Improve online services) with PSN back in like 2007. They listened to consumers, and they have really improved the service. Sure, few bumps along the way, but PSN is pretty impressive these days.

It’s definitely not what some make it out to be. The PS4 (Or whatever Sony calls it) will also fix some of the biggest problems PS3 currently has. Slow patches, not being able to install in the background, and a bit of sluggish performance in other areas, more voice chat features, etc. All of that will be fixed/improved.

When you compare what PS + offers, versus Live Gold, it’s pretty obvious that Sony is offering the better deal.

I don’t think Sony is going to start locking features away. If accessing twitter is free on almost every device on earth, then why in the hell should I have to pay to access it? That’s like going to a dine in restaurant and being charged to use the silverware.

I’d like to see Sony continue to improve PS + — Keep adding great features that make it worth paying for. I want to see MS do the same thing with XBLG. Stop handcuffing customers, and forcing them to pay a fee just to play games online with friends.

I don’t like it when companies get away with that. It’s one of the reasons I don’t use my 360 very much. I had to get gold recently just so I could start playing catch up on Halo with my friend. He also had to pay for it. It just bothers me, because we play Borderlands quite often now, but it’s free on the PS3. It should be the same on both consoles. I want to see this end with this generation, I don’t want to see it continue on with the next generation.

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