Reviewing the Scout Folio – Case for iPad Air 2

The Scout Folio – Case for iPad Air 2 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a case to protect your iPad Air… for $49.95 USD.

When I’m traveling I definitely want something like the Scout Folio – Case for iPad Air 2 . It’s strong, it’s tough, and will hold up to a lot of jostling. I’m fairly confident that if I dropped it, it would meet my own impact-resistant standards. No, I’m not going to test it but my confidence is quite high.

The Scout Folio – Case for iPad Air 2 is a molded Industrial chic case for an iPad Air. The case fits well and does a good job of protecting my iPad Air. If you use this with a screen protector, the fit of the corners is a little tight and had a tendency to lift the corners of my screen protector. Here are the specs:


  • Dimensions: 9.7 x 7 x .7 inch (24.7 x 17.7 x 1.8 cm)
  • Weight: 11.8 ounces (334 grams)
  • Standards: Meets or exceeds MIL-STD 810G-516.6 drop test
  • Materials: Composite and silicone
  • Color: Black

I’m a little conflicted with this case, I can’t decide if I love it or hate it. The love is the protection this case provides. The soft rubbery material really protects my iPad from bumps and nicks. The company says it will protect the iPad from drops, I’ll have to trust them on that one, no way am I dropping my iPad to test this. The hate side of the protection, it doesn’t make my iPad even water resistant. The love part, all the ports and openings are easy to access. The headphone jack is just open enough that any headphone will plug in, even those with ridiculously big jacks. The hate part, there are big old holes where dirt and water can get in.

I love the stand part of the case. When you flip the front open, the case folds around and the iPad will stand open at a variety of angles. The hate part, there are two detents for more secure standing; well those don’t work very well. The back of the front flap is covered with a velvet material that should grip the case and hold the screen at one angle. In practice that arrangement kind of works. The neutral part of that arrangement, at first the case feels like origami and is kind of confusing to use. After a while I got use do opening the case one particular way so it could stand up.


The cover is soft on one side and has a magnet to activate the smart cover function of an iPad (turn off and turn on). The part I dislike, the magnet isn’t very strong and it is hard to pick the cover out from the edge of the case. There needs to be some kind of easy to grab surface to open the case.

On the one hand, the case doesn’t appear to add a lot of size and weight to the iPad. The form factor is still there. On the other hand, that flappy cover makes it hard to hold for reading or watching movies while lying down (one of my favorite positions to watch movies). Folding the front cover back onto the back is pretty sloppy, so I end up letting the front dangle. It also just about doubles the weight of the iPad air, the case is pretty heavy.

The case snaps on and off easily. The four corners are the real grabby part of the case. I’m kind of particular about air bubbles on my screen protector (I spend a long time cleaning my screen before applying a protector). The fact that this case lifts the corners of my screen protector kind of upsets me. The lift doesn’t protrude into the business part of the screen – I can still see the lifting around the bezel.

When you do open the flap it also serves as a stand for the iPad, and allows you to set it elevated on a desk in landscape mode. There’s no way to have it stand up vertically, though. If you are holding this in your hands, too, you have to flop the cover backwards, and I do worry that in the long run that will weaken the case.


  • Thick and light materials used to make the case
  • Each corner has extra material to protect from drops
  • Protective cover over the screen that provides screen protection and the sleep/wake smart cover functions
  • Works with screen protectors (film version)
  • Rubbery dot grid all over the case provides a good grip when carrying
  • Cool looking design on the back like all UAG cases have
  • Lip going over the screen to protect the screen from ever touching a surface
  • Metallic UAG branding looks great o the case
  • 2 stand angles built into the case
  • Large lightning port cutout works great with any lightning cable tip size
  • Precise cutouts for the headphone jack (large), 2 mics, camera, speakers and silent switch
  • The power button and volume buttons have a cover on them to protect them as they are the most used buttons
  • Does not slide around on a surface
  • Looks good with the white or black iPad Air


  • Weak smart cover magnets
  • Only 2 angles to choose from (easily could have about 5 angles in total using the extra room)
  • Buttons are a little hard to push but will hopefully break in over time
  • No screen protector included (other UAG smartphone cases have a screen protector included)




I like having the cover to protect the screen. A couple of negatives: the folding stand feature leaves much to be desired. The iPad does not fit well into the stand grooves and it keeps collapsing. When the iPad is standing it isn’t very staple. The other issue is there isn’t any reinforcement at the fold on the cover which serves as the base of the stand. It is poorly designed and probably should have a thin lightweight metal strip inserted in the fold to serve as reinforcement. The way the cover is attached to the case I can see it wearing from opening and closing and falling off. If you are looking at aesthetics, it looks great!

I really wanted to love this case, but for the price tag, I just can’t see myself realistically spending my hard earned money.

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