Reviewing the Navigator – Case for iPhone 6


For $34.95 USD, the Navigator Case for iPhone 6 is a solution to the fear of bending that shiny new phone. That video of the guy bending a 6 made me afraid of folding my phone in half. This case adds a lot of rigidity to keep the phone from bending. The combination of the back and side rails makes the phone a lot more rigid.

This case ended up being a nice investment to protect my iPhone 6 plus. I chose the White color as it shows off the color of my iPhone.


The Navigator Case for iPhone 6 is a totally different beast. The whole body surround is rubber with a ton of cushion for the phone. The back is super rigid, and also helps to prevent the phone from bending. The phone slips in easily into the rubber nest. The flap has super soft velvet on the inside and a magnetic strap to hold it closed. The deep red is simply gorgeous. The flap cover has a slot for money and credit cards. As with every flap cover phone case, folding the thing around behind the phone to talk is not a lot of fun. If you don’t mind the hanging flap, this is a dynamite case.



The case shipped with a microfiber cloth and a screen protector and instructions on how to install it. I was able to install it without any bubbles, with a help of a little lens spray. The screen protector does not go around the edges of the curved glass and is just a little short of the bumper on all sides. This is actually better as I’ve found that if the screen protector is too close to the edge of the bumper, it tends to get pulled off every time you try to take off the case. The key to this thing are the side panels – they are super strong plastic that has ridges built into them so it adds structure to the phone. The back has raised ribs that also help.



The case weighs next to nothing – so it doesn’t add much weight to the phone. It is slim enough that it doesn’t mess up the form factor. The rubber bumpers on the side give me something to grab on to while I hold or use the phone. It all makes it easier to use the phone.

I like the rubber on top and corners to help prevent glass cracking if I drop the phone. The front edge is raised so if you drop the phone face first, it is harder to crack the screen.

The case comes with a screen protector. The protector is like every other one made – they take a lot of care to apply without bubbles.

  1. Clean the screen – I like to use CD cleaner for my screens.
  2. Clean the screen again.
  3. Wash your hands and dust the area where you will work – wipe it up really well.
  4. With a bright light aimed at the screen, use the included microfiber towel to wipe the screen of every single white dot you see.
  5. Inspect the screen again looking for white dots – wipe them all off.
  6. Apply the protector – remove the #1 tab half way. Start at the top edge and roll the protector down. If you see a bubble, lift up and try again. If the protector isn’t aligned perfectly, lift up and adjust at the top.
  7. If you cleaned everything just right, there will be no bubbles. If you notice a white spot inside a bubble – too bad, the protector will have that bubble forever. There is no way to remove dust after the protector has touched them.
  8. Virtually every screen protector is like this – they require perfect cleaning before you apply them (Zagg is a notable exception, except I hate their gummy bear feeling protectors).




The case is a solid construction of engineered plastic and nylon that is very attractive to the eye. The phone nestles into the case leaving a significant lip to protect the screen (but no plastic screen protector to separate your fingers from the screen or TouchID). There is a front flap that covers the screen completely when not in use, and provides significant added cushioning. There are cutouts for the camera, flash, and mute switch, and integrated buttons for power and volume. It is a great design that feels bullet-proof in the hand, and still looks like a serious piece of tech. There is even a magnetic strip to hold the front flap closed and a pocket in the front flap for an ID or credit card.

There are downsides. First, it is NOT waterproof, due to the cutouts and open screen. Second, it feels large in the hand, which may be an issue for those for whom the iPhone 6 Plus ALREADY feels large. And third, the front flap tends to get in the way when you are taking pictures (best way is to hold it flap down and tap the on-screen button for the shutter).

Overall, if you want a solid, protective case that still looks great, this it a great choice!

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