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A lot of you are probably thinking, “Type Wild? What is that?.

Well, to answer your question, I’m not talking about the song from the anime. I’m talking about a fan-made 2d fighter set in the Pokémon universe.


Why did some of you just cringe? Oh, I said “fan-made“. Right, well, to ease your concerns, this was made by one of the animators/clean-up artists of the Pokémon anime. This thing has quality, the graphics are downright beautiful, and it’s extremely detailed right down to the backgrounds. It’s still somewhat small of a game, but it’s quite the amusing distraction. This is actually a very old game and has been around for years, but like they say, “if I haven’t seen it it’s new to me“.


You can watch this game in action via HuskyStarcraft‘s Channel     What’s new in 5.3? : Version 5.3 beta is a beta bug and balance fixes from 5.0 to 5.2. Fixes in 5.3:

[Surface] system Command to extend the hours · return air. (↑ Futtobi when subjected to chase in) • The modified missile system to stop bullets move in directing the Technical dim texture. [Director] surface • Image Fix character, add, change. • The replacement voice added. Add Background · fixed. [Bug] • Fixed bug in defeat to victory would be treated · CPU. • Fixed a problem that does not stop even if you win · BGM. • The bug fixes come out assists. • Fixed a bug is not reset even out • The Assist Assist gauge. • Fixed a bug that can act to throw a party and thrown on the wall • The Genga. • Fixed a bug in the disappearance of Marunomu · 2P. • Fixed a bug in the wall disappears and the passive air • The Kinogassa. • Fixed a problem in that no effect on the SE and • The Rukario before throwing. • Fixed a problem with the issue disappears in the state of mortal Rukario • The sealed. • The Mimiroppu “jump” bug fixes and served continuously in the air. • Correct mistakes • The determination of Mimiroppu technique. [Another character] • The Genga “with poison” to adjust the travel distance and trajectory. • The action remake Kabigon crouch. • The P-Kabigon crouching weak remake. • The strength of P ↑ Kabigon remake. • The Kabigon “desperate tackle” a remake. • The weak P → Kabigon remove. • Another change to be the work of the same size when you throw your opponent • The Kabigon. • The Kinogassa “Drain Punch” added. ↓ / ← + P • The Sanaito “psychokinesis” Adjusting the frame. • The Sanaito “teleporting” to change the travel distance. • K changed little strength to move forward ↓ • The Sanaito. • The strength of P Marunomu remake launched. Strong edge of P to P intensity changes fall far →. • The Marunomu “store”, “spit” Changing the frame. • The Marunomu “devoted drown oneself” get changed to early timing of the cancellation decision, extended the duration for the cancellation decision. Modified to remove the motion to enter an → or ←. • The appeal Mimiroppu change. • Other subtle adjustments.

If there is any typos and anything that is unclear to you it’s because I Google Translated everything from the website.     I know people are looking for the download, so I took the liberty of finding it for you guys. Also if you want to play the game correctly use xpadder for the fight stick. Xpadder allows you to use the keyboard and mouse using your gamepad. It supports Windows XP, Vista and the new Windows 7, working on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows.

Click here to Download link for TYPE WILD_ver_053.rar (188.48 MB).

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