Planet Pokemon – Fan Made MMORPG – Pre-Alpha v0.1.2.7 “Gladiatorial Turkey”

[LATEST] Pre-Alpha Update


  • Multiplayer
  • Battling
  • Capturing
  • Chatting
  • Gen 1 Starters


—– [v0.1.2.7] “Gladiatorial Turkey” —–—– FEATURES —–

New Features:

  • Eevee
  • Pallet Stadium
  • Tournament System
  • Removed Halloween Atmosphere
  • Replaced Pumpkin Head with Eevee Tail


—-Windows ——— Linux —

NOTE: The Linux version of the pre-alpha is not guaranteed to work completely as expected, though Linux is currently planned to have full support in future versions of the game.


Changes since version…

—– [v0.1.0.6] “Ultimate Pancake” —–

It took a few weeks of hasty work, but without further ado I present Planet Pokemon’s first public release! This was mainly a slapped together proof of concept for the actual game, and shouldn’t be taken as what the actual game will be — though it will likely be similar. It was also a way for us to experiment with different techniques and see the consequences of them unfold first-hand to help decide if it’s the best way to go when we come to building the actual game.

To make it very clear, the game’s code and assets will be completely reworked and rewritten after this version. Because of this, critique on the pre-alpha itself is pointless and discouraged. Suggestions and concerns about the game should be based upon content in the wiki or in the forum as that’s what will be implemented in the actual game.

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