Star Wars: The Old Republic BETA Review Part 2


If you haven’t seen Part 1 of my review you should check it out.


If any of you guys played Mass Effect or Dragon Age, you’ll be immediattely familiar with style of conversation. In group conversations, each player can select their own response. When a dialog option is selected a rumber is randomly generated for the player, the player with the highest number not only speaks on behalf of the party, but gets a social point bonus. The conversation choices don’t always matter, but sometimes they do give you light side points, dark side points, and they open up some side quests. And actually, their is no auto-attack. You can right click though to get in a single white hit at any time. Also you have an ability which will do melee damage without using force points.




Questing takes a huge part in the customization of your own story. In this game you have a different ending for each class and there’s actually 2 endings for each. One being a dark side ending and a light side ending, but in terms of questing when you go into a quest, you’re not going to be a seeing a question mark and then read 10 pages on why you have to kill 10 wolves.. Instead you’re going to see a cut scene and see your own characters voice dubbed as well as the NPC your interating with. So that means no reading, except for the subtitles on the alien species. But overall, you’re going to be more involved with the questing experience, which is more fun. When has questing ever been fun on a MMO?

In regards to questing, they changed a lot of things that would basically have 3 decisions for you at any moment of the quest, asking you to make a decision and all three of those decisions aren’t always clear in regards to light side or dark side or neutral. Depending on the choice you make it depicts what kind points you get, dark or light. Ultimately, the light and dark side determines what type of ending you’ll have, as well as your gear. The reason for the gear determining your ending is because tier 1-10 is light side and dark side. If you want to be a tier 10, light side, you’re going to have to work really hard and it’s not easy as all. Bioware made it where your personality comes out into your character. There are moments in gameplay where you’re trying to be the baddest of the bad and your humanity comes out when you don’t even know it and as soon as you know it, you’re collecting light side points., vice versa.

One quest that stood out to me was when I went to the Jedi Counsel they told me to go to this village and go check out what’s happening with the villagers. So you go there and you find out that there is a huge battle going on and you have to make a quick timed decision whether you want to save them or not. I chose I wanted to help them, and I ended up getting dark side points because I “got to involved“. Instead of sitting back and teaching them how to defend themselves, I ended up with 150 dark side points, you would expect that by helping them you would get light points, but no, I’m a bad guy.



This is all the info I have about this game right now, not sure if I’m going to make a Part 3 since the game is coming out soon, but who knows, I might.


End of swtor Review Part 2

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