Official Pictures for Droid 4 Released

It’s time to finally replace your OG Droid because the guys over at Droid-Life has released official pictures of the upcoming Droid 4.


We all speculated for awhile now that the Droid 4 was to be released before Christmas, but now with the leaked spec sheet, it’s now speculated that the release date is 12/8/11.

Highlights of the specs are:

  • 4-inch qHD screen
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Edge Lit 5-row qwerty keyboard
  • 8 Mega Pixel and a 1.3
  • 1785mAh battery
For more detailed look at the picture below:


For the people who paid full price for their Droid 3 months ago, you should have known that a 4G variant would show up within the next 6 months. If you wanted a 4G phone, you should have waited until one was available instead of blowing an upgrade on a 3G phone. On another note, they need to stop pumping these guys out so quickly, this does come off as a upgrade, but its going to be out of date as soon as the Droid 5 comes out in 6 months.

I am an Apple fan, but I try not to be to extreme to one side. To me, Apple hardware looks great, and is going to last much longer at the top of the heap than an Android device. Apple does a device refresh every year or so, while all the Android manufacturers release phones as fast as possible to compete with each other. Both are fantastic platforms, but they’re driven by different ideals.

iPhones are built for ease of use and aesthetic appeal. The major points of the 4S were the camera, iMessage, and Siri. The platform is one of gradual upgrades and adding features that are well-developed. This is probably the reason why Apple still hasn’t gotten it’s own turn-by-turn navigation built into the device. Another example is Bluetooth file transfers.

Over in the Android world, people are bombarded with specs of the newest models. The screens get bigger, processors get faster, and releases are closer. As many people have complained about, Android moves forward so fast that their device is obsolete and virtually unsupported 3 months after purchase. Then, the customer is stuck with a phone running an older OS and rocking outdated specs. For many people, having an older phone is just fine, but it definitely inspires a feeling of buyer’s remorse when the next superphone comes out a couple months later and gets advertised like crazy.

Progress is great, and it’s happening on both platforms. iOS has a yearly refresh of hardware and software, while Android refreshes as often as Google can make the next version and the manufacturers can shove better specs into new models.

Being a nerd and tech geek, I do love seeing the greatest stuff on Android, but my iPhone is something I won’t regret purchasing because it will have only one upgrade before my plan allows me to get the next model. Sure, I’ll want the iPhone 5 when it comes out, but I know that the iPhone 5S will be there the year after, and that I’ll be eligible for an upgrade then.


More Pictures below:
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