Nvidia Targets Cloud Graphics With New Chips

Nvidia closing in on mobile space.

The GPU-maker is targeting large data centers that provide cloud-based services to end users.


President and Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang showed off new technology based on its Kepler GPU architecture geared toward these conditions to drive the cloud-based services of tomorrow.

“Kepler cloud GPU technologies shifts cloud computing into a new gear,”

said Huang at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC).


“The GPU has become indispensable. It is central to the experience of gamers. It is vital to digital artists realizing their imagination. It is essential for touch devices to deliver silky smooth and beautiful graphics. And now, the cloud GPU will deliver amazing experiences to those who work remotely and gamers looking to play untethered from a PC or console.”


Nvidia today announced the launch of its GeForce GRID cloud gaming platform. With the GeForce GRID platform, gaming-as-a-service providers can deliver the most advanced visuals with lower latency, while incurring lower operating costs, particularly related to energy usage.

Gamers benefit from the ability to play the latest, most sophisticated games on any connected device, including TVs, smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android.

As a demonstration, Huang demonstrated a game displayed on a mobile device which was being fed high-end graphics run from remote servers. Observing the explosive growth of tablets, smartphones and other devices, Nvidia is betting on services such as cloud gaming.

It also has announced that it is buying 500 wireless communications patents from IPWireless, signalling to rivals such as Qualcomm that it intends to fight for its part of the market.


To top it all off, NVIDIA said it has developed a system for powering cloud services with GPUs, which in the gaming world will let consumers play games on just about any device without bothering to download any actual games. NVIDIA made all these announcements Tuesday at its GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, bringing various partners on stage to show the world just how excited everyone is about the new technologies. [Ars]

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