No PS4 will be announced at E3 2012

Kaz Hirai the Executive Deputy President of Sony has confirmed today that their will be no announcement of the PlayStation 4 at E3 2012.

Nintendo will be showing off the Wii U at E3 2012 completely. I was lucky enough to see Nintendo’s new tablet-controller and Wii U system at CES 2012 as it was by appointement only in the Hilton Suite.


Andrew House, Sony’s Entertainment president has said that the PlayStation 3 will live up to its 10-year life cycle, even when the PS3 has been used it’s fullest advantage of the hardware.

Their are rumors saying that either Microsoft or Sony will completely skip this upcoming generation of gaming systems. If Microsoft is to reveal some details about the New Xbox, that would give Sony a  ridiculous start to the next generation. If Sony skips this next generation, Microsoft will have a monopoly on high-end gaming for the entire next generation by offering the Xbox Next and the only PC operating system that is good for games.


With Sony not ready to give up just yet on the Mobile Gaming Biz, Sony will start selling it’s much anticipated PlayStation Vita handheld (Wi-Fi only, $249; Wi-Fi+3G $299) on Feb 22 and with at least 15 games to be available at launch. Sony had plenty of samples to play with at CES 2012 with being the first video game handheld with twin joysticks and both a touchscreen (5-inch, 960 by 576 pixels) and a rear touch-sensitive panel, and it runs on a quad-core processor. In addition to video games, you can watch movies, view photos, and surf the web on a full web browser.

Timing could be an issue though for the Vita’s success, however, the Vita price comes as more consumers are turning to cheaper alternatives like their smart phones and tablets to play inexpensive games such as “Angry Birds,” “Words With Friends”, and “The Sims Social.” As a result analysts question whether there’s still a market for a dedicated gaming device when other handsets are packing larger screen with the Internet and Cell Services.


A game that I’m really excited to play is Persona 4: The Golden, a enhanced PlayStation Vita port of the PS2 original.


My Thoughts:

Sony definitely has something up their sleeve. They always deny rumors but finally end up releasing something. The PS3 and 360 have already been maxed out, it’s time they release something with better specs. It is also important to note that the Wii U is not a next-gen console, it is a current-gen console. It is the first Nintendo console designed to compete with current-gen consoles like the 360 and the PS3, and is not intended to compete with next-gen consoles like the Xbox Next(720) and (if it is released) the PS4.

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