New Book Spotlight: Seduction of the Innocent

Seduction of the Innocent, a new pulp novel by Max Allan Collins, with illustrations by Ms. Tree collaborator Terry Beatty, takes its title from the infamous 1954 book by Dr. Werner Frederick, where the esteemed psychiatrist lambasted comic books for being the scourge causing America’s youths to become ne’er do wells. This light-hearted read tells the fictional story of Jack Starr, a sort of “Jack of all Trades” for a popular comic book publisher. The story unfolds giving an insider’s account of the tumultuous time of McCarthyism and a funny-book business world not dissimilar from the advertising board rooms on Mad Men.

Max Allan Collins, who’s biggest claim to fame would be the Tom Hanks movie, Road to Perdition(based off of his graphic novel), pens an enjoyable and informative noir thriller. Pick it up and while you’re at it check the comic book convention cheap boxes for those undervalued gems, Ms. Tree!

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