Metroid Other M

Metroid Other M


Background on the Game:

The newest Metroid game from Nintendo, it is newest game in both release date and chronological order of the games.  Metroid Other M picks up where Super Metroid left off many years ago and exposes details from Samus’s path throughout the game.  Nintendo chose not to use Retro Studios, the creators of the Metroid Prime Series,  they used Team Ninja instead for the newest Metroid game in the series.  Team Ninja  came out and said they are not to blame for the story of Metroid the other M which some claim to a killer to the famed nintendo series.


The Best New Feature in the game:

While playing the game in its entirety, I thoroughly enjoyed the new instinct dodge (not sure if that is the name but it sounds cool).  Being able to dodge attacks at the last second using this new ability was an intrical part of this game and was needed to defeat a good portion of the bosses throughout the game, not only that but it very a cool new ability to give Samus.  That boss you fight on the lift as it is raising who is half as big as the lift is intense without the instinct ability there where be no way to beat that boss.  I had quite a good time using this feature and I hope they keep it and evolve it in future games.


The Worst New Feature in the game:

Throughout the entire game there were these irritating sequences where Samus was frozen until you scanned the item/area/person that the game wanted you to find.  This was not the worst part, my problem with it was it seemed like you literally had to scan it perfectly or the game didn’t count it.  So that means you could scan the right thing several times and not have it register at all because it was not exactly the perfect scan the game was looking for.  I hope for future games they do anyway with this feature.


My Review and Score of the Game:

Replay Value: Intermediate

Score:  8.5 out of 10

With the exception of the one annoying new feature this game was very fun and has a pretty decent replay value because of the new features, how fun the game is and the always fantastic bosses, enemies and worlds in the Metroid Games.


What did you guys think of the game, the new features, the information I have given?   Any input and insights are welcome!


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