Jeff Bezos live at Code Conference 2016


Imagine this conversation 10 years ago at the same conference. He’d sound like he needs a doctor.

Walt is a very underrated interviewer. He’s not afraid to ask tough questions and he knows when to get out of the way.


“People will travel to Mars, people will settle in Mars, they should, because it’s cool”  – Jeff Bezos


  • 2:04 – Alexa: the Amazon AI assistant
  • 7:56 – Privacy concerns in the age of AI 12:23 – Amazon Retail Business
  • 13:00 – Is Amazon taking over the Shipping Business?
  • 15:25 – Amazon’s Physical Stores are about Discovery
  • 18:24 – The new Washington Post web-base approach
  • 23:03 – “Peter Thiel vs Gawker Media” Controversy
  • 29:09 – Amazon harsh work environment reports
  • 33:03 – Open-sourcing “Amazon Career Choice Program”
  • 37:02 – Amazon Prime Video: “the Flywheel Effect”
  • 43:34 – Blue Origin’s mission
  • 48:42 – Is Blue Origin competing with Spacex (Elon Musk)?
  • 52:40 – Where will Jeff Bezos be in 5 years?
  • 56:21 – The new Amazon Projects
  • 58:02 – Open Audience Q&A


Elon Musk wouldn’t disagree with Jeff Bezos that Earth, not Mars, should be our first priority. However, as he mentioned, it isn’t a one or the other scenario. I don’t like that he’s insinuating Elon Musk believes otherwise.

If you ask me, Jeff Bezos is a dishonest, scary megalomaniac that uses the best, brightest, most pedigreed smartest most motivated engineers to spy on us, make spy drones and to steal our personal data and metadata so they can shovel ads and items in our faces. Here is a list of reasons why:

  1. Jeff Bezos takes vendors and squeezes them dry.
  2. Jeff Bezos destroy small and medium businesses as a part of their operating model of undercutting.
  3. Jeff Bezos peddles subpar products, defective advertised as new, past expiration date and stolen goods.
  4. Jeff Bezos steals AWS customer’s data. Anything on AWS is being read by Amazon.
  5. Jeff Bezos steals AWS customers and their business models. From YouTube, to Netflix, to dropbox and box – you name the largest customers of AWS and you see Amazon going to war with them.
  6. Jeff Bezos is an IP thief (took android and hacked it up for fire), a person who thinks people who trust him are stupid and he is spying on us to spray ads in our faces and deliver goods with spy drones and market schlocky subpar items to us.
  7. Jeff Bezos wants open borders and massive H1Bs to undercut salaries for We The People here in the USA.
  8. Jeff Bezos is an outward liberal but an inward evil vile Machiavellian horror show that runs a horrible sweatshop at Amazon in miserable working conditions.
  9. Jeff Bezos want a newspaper to push his anti-american anti-middle class garbage.
  10. Jeff Bezos wants a space race because after his greedy hoarding of money like Scrooge McDuck he needs something to waste it on.


There are not enough resources on Earth for all of the population of Earth to live the way we do here in the USA. That’s not to say we should lower our standard of living here in the US, but it does mean that a drastic action is eventually going to happen, one way or the other. I say, protect the USA first.

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