iPhone 4S users have issues with SIM cards

If you have been experiencing issues with your SIM card, it’s not just you.


You probably received the error saying, “No SIM card installed”. Since the iPhone 4S launched last month, a lot of people have had a lot of problems such as bad battery life and Siri not working. The latest issue now is that the Smartphone isn’t recognizing the SIM Card. What that does is, it doesn’t allow you to make any phone calls with your service provider.


It sounds like a sim card issue rather than a phone issue to me. If you read how people describe it they all say it happen within a few days of getting the brand new phone and then got either a replacement phone (new sim) or a replacement sim from their carrier which solved the issue. Sure sounds like a sim card issue. Could this be a production of bad sim cards? SIM cards die. It’s a simple fact of life. Unless the iPhone specifically fries them. Or unless it’s about SIM cards users cut with scissors (courtesy of YouTube) in which case you have no one to blame but yourself about short-circuits.

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