iPad 3, iPhone 5, and New Macbook Pro being released next year?

 teardrop case

According to our very reliable source, the iPad 3, iPhone 5, and the Macbook Pro is going to be released next year and their will be some changes to their appearances.


The rumor is:

  • The iPad 3 will be 0.7mm thicker.
  • Have a higher resolution display.
  • May be released during Summer of 2012 and publicly displayed in late January, early February.


  • The iPhone 5 will not be teardrop shaped.
  • It will have a 4-inch display.
  • 8mm more longer, with an aluminum casing.
  • LTE ready.


  • Macbook Pro will be thinner.
One thing is for sure. All their products could use a big refresh.
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