GameStop: Friend or Foe?

The gaming landscape is shifting sand right now and GameStop is doing everything it can to stay relevant and profitable. Despite charges that its used games policy is killing developers, GameStop does provide a huge variety of offerings to the video game playing public. But as a brick and mortar entity, the future is much more cloudy. Millions of people download apps to their phones every day. You’ll need fewer stores if U.S. broadband capability continues to upgrade and the public accepts DLC as the way to receive their computer and console games as well. Adding PC game downloads to is an acknowledgement of this shift.

I don’t begrudge developers need to make money and I’m fine if they charge for DLC. I’ll pay for the Bat-Mite Arkham City skin*, I’m totally cool with that. Extra levels, extra maps I’m all for. Just don’t be dicks about it. I’m on GameStop’s side for used games, though. Mostly because I like having the option of selling or trading used games, usually to buy MORE NEW GAMES! Also, by offering low, low cost alternatives to premium systems, GameStop can serve even the lightest pocket book.

You can pick up a used PS2, new extra controller for about $50. There are 1,659 value priced (.99 – $9.99) PS2 game options for you and if you had a PS2, you know there are many gems in that library. For about $100, that’s some pretty impressive video game goodness. It’s in GameStop’s logo, “Power to the Players”, and having a low cost alternative in a neighborhood store provides that. In that respect, I consider GameStop to be a friend to the gaming community.

*Not a real thing. I wish.


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