ELI5: South Korea’s President Park Scandal


According to a report leaked by WikiLeaks and written by U.S. embassy in South Korea, President Park’s “soul and body” was under full control of the ‘Korean Rasputin’ Choi Tae-min (1912-1993) since 1974 and it extends to present day.

Choi Tae-min’s most beloved daughter, Choi Soon-sil controlled President Park like a puppet without holding any official titles.


Choi Tae-min (1912-1994) was a founder of a christianity-buddhism-shamanism-combined pseudo-religion called 영세교. Choi Tae-min dominated President Park Geun-hye’s minds 40 years ago, by acting as if Park’s mother’s soul had returned via his body. Park’s mother was assassinated by a pistol attack in 1974. After this, Choi Tae-min’s most beloved daughter and his successor, Choi Soon-sil become best buddies with Park Geun-hye. Choi Soon-sil is also a shaman (yes, a real shaman…) like her father. And it was recently discovered that Park Geun-hye merely followed Soon-sil’s orders like a puppet.

Shamanism is still seen as a part of traditional culture in South Korea as its mainly seen in pseudo-religious rituals performed during Chuseok or Seolnal (the two biggest family holidays here…pretty much Thanksgiving and New Years/Easter). The rituals are a way of remembering late family members, and are very commonplace among the mainstream public.


Currently, approval ratings are hovering around 5%. Honestly, I can’t say I’m surprised. South Korea is riddled with cronyism and corruption. It’s a shame. I hope she gets the most severe punishment allowed by law. Treason. Korea is basically dominated by the corporate families (think the Rockefellers, except Korean), and have been for at least… 50ish years now. These are the families that head major corporate conglomerates that own major brand names like Samsung, Hyundai, Korean Air etc. It all started after the Korean War when Park Jung Hee pushed hard for industrial development. Obviously, the degree to which the President is independent of this oligarchic entity changes depending on the President, but they’ve always held a lot of power.

Korea’s been on a downhill since No-Mu-Hyun left office. Lee Myung Bak was basically a criminal. Park Geun Hye has no clue what she’s doing, and there were lots of allegations of corruption and censorship during her election. She’s lambasted regularly (along with her predecessor Lee) by academia and anyone who’s even remotely informed. The oligarchs are Female CEOs, CEO’s wives, major female politicians. But their full list is unknown. Only their chief, the hideous Shaman Queen Choi Soon-sil is known so far.


Glorious leader was right the whole time:

North Korea calls South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye a ‘tailless crazy old bitch’


And the US knew it a long time ago:

The U.S. Embassy in Korea sent a confidential report to Washington in 2007 describing then-presidential candidate Park Geun-hye as being controlled by her mentor Choi Tae-min, while his children were rumored to have amassed huge fortunes.According to WikiLeaks, the cable was written by William Stanton, the deputy chief of mission at the time, and sent to the State Department by Ambassador Alexander Vershbow.”Rumors are rife that the late pastor had complete control over Park’s body and soul during her formative years and that his children accumulated enormous wealth as a result,” Stanton said. He described Park’s relationship with the charismatic pastor as “unusual.”


For Western readers, here’s a great analogy:

It was discovered that Obama has been taking orders from a muslim imam on all sorts of issues, such as executive decisions, who to assign cabinet positions, and even how to deal with Putin and Syria. An NBC reporter found the imam’s laptop and it was full of classified documents and evidence that the imam has been telling Obama, for many years, what to speak, how to deal with others, who to hire, and even what to wear.

On top of all that, Obama got big bankers and corporate donors to pay money to fatten the imam’s “foundation”, which performs singing and dancing shows at government functions, and imam’s daughter is an equstrian whose horses were bought by Warren Buffet, and she is at an Ivy League school even though she skipped most of her high school classes. The imam’s family also owns luxury condos in Germany where they are currently hiding.

That is the gist of what’s happening with Park, obviously exaggerated a bit but not much. Hopefully that is short enough.


Samsung is responsible for approximately 20% of Korea’s GDP. Samsung, Hyundai and Kia is ~35%. Think about that. Samsung/Hyundai/Kia is 55% of Korea’s GDP? Also, apparently there’s a conspiracy going on at the moment that the Sewol Ferry tragedy that killed 300 people in 2014 was a sacrifice for the cult leader’s 20th death anniversary. Park was apparently missing for 7 hours and couldn’t be found/no schedule accounted for and apparently left with Choi’s ex-husband right before.



If anyone reads Korean , this is a great summary.

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