Darker than Black Review

Darker Than Black was good, but, in a way, not good enough. I was so dazzled by it that, at some point, I was convinced it was the second Bebop. Foolish, foolish me. It ended on such an unsatisfying note, it nearly broke my heart. That said, I loved the show. There were some little bits of the show that touched on something more obscure and beautiful, it was worth it.

And, yes, my favorite show from the spring season, hands down, Gurren Lagann.

 <– Tengen Gurren Lagann

But I’ll save that great anime for another topic in the future.


Back to the Darker than Black Review… The show started on such a high note and showed so much potential, but as it progressed it seemed very episodic and went into little explanation of what the hell was going on around you. We got that they were are working for a Syndicate, and that they all had their own past, but we didn’t find out how the hell someone becomes a contractor. Or when/how contractors came about and why they have the gates. My favorite character though is November 11, funny code name, but he’s cool with freezing ice and all.

But guess what I still liked the show… it was pretty cool, had well choreographed action sequences that I liked, and some really interesting fights between some cool powers… always liked the fight between Hei and Wei Zhijun…

Wei Zhijun

I hoped for another Bebop, but at least the show was okay in the end. I felt the ending dream sequence of the show illustrated this perfectly. I personally was so taken with the unusual cast of characters in this show, and I really hope it ends up getting another season, since I feel it’s weakest point was the ending. The explanation of what exactly Hei did was nonexistent, and so many strings were left dangling that really need to be taken care of.


I give this anime 85 Hei’s out of 100 Heis.


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