Cure for FLU!?

The University of South Texas may have found the cure to the FLU.


If your not familiar the with the current way to make a vacine for a flu is to get the dead version of the flu and inject it into people and let their anti bodies fight it off. It works a pretty good percentage of the time, but the scientists at this university has approached it from a different angle. There trying to “boost” the immune system in general. The scientist said that,

“if we boost the natural immune system of a person, they can just fight things off.”


There saying that the new vaccine can protect people from the Spanish Flu, H1N1, and I’m not talking about the new one, I’m talking about the one in 1918. If you don’t remember that’s the one that killed 50-100 million¬†healthy¬†people . This thing could be huge, but it makes you wonder if it were completed, would it be released to the public? Don’t want to bring up all the conspiracy theories out there, but like any business, medicine is a business that needs money too. The vacine is not currently out, it will take several years for the FDA to make sure this is good for the masses and not make you deformed or anything like that.

Cause we don’t want that do we?

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