Chasing the Dead on eBay

Old comic books have appreciated in value exponentially over the last 25 years, but new comic books, specifically those published in the 1990s or later, have been a different story. Many of today’s new releases at your local comic book shop will be readily available at a discount within just a few months or sometimes weeks of initial release with some selling as low as 25-50 cents. When comic books became a big, mainstream collectibles market in the mid-1980s they ceased being just disposable paper entertainment for kids. When everyone and their brother started to treat comics like rare artifacts that would allow them to retire in the Hamptons someday, most of those comics, all carefully preserved in plastic sleeves for eternity, became anything but rare and valuable.

Well, that was until a little AMC TV show that could named The Walking Dead stumbled on to the air. As most of the world knows by now, The Walking Dead is a true pop culture phenomenon with rabid, loyal fans around the world. All of this started back in 2003 with an unknown comic book with a measly print run of 7.300 by a relatively unknown writer named Robert Kirkman. One CGC 9.9 out of 10 copy of The Walking Dead #1 recently sold for $10,100 and the average price for a Very Fine-Near Mint copy currently is in the $1000+ range.

These kind of numbers are unheard of for newer comics, so this has spurred many to rethink the possibilities on new comics day! With comics being such a fountain of content for Hollywood, there are new deals being made everyday, and people are scrambling to predict which will be the next Walking Dead. Thus, prices have been skyrocketing on many recent, original titles.

Only time will tell if any of these intellectual properties will be a success like The Walking Dead is, but odds are most won’t be so lucky. Eventually, after some of these “hot books” fail to make the transition to TV or the Big Screen, I believe there will be a cooling effect for future prospects, but until then it’s the wild, wild west out there!

Just look at some recent ebay sales from this last week:

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