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Pokemon Type Wild Version 5.3 Picture 5

Pokemon: Type Wild Beta 5.3 – Fan Made Fighting Game DOWNLOAD LINK [UPDATED]

Sponsored by BOOM Bound. Play it on the Google Play store. Play it on the App Store. Click here to Download link for TYPE WILD_ver_053.rar (188.48 MB) What’s new in 5.3? : Version 5.3 beta is a beta bug and balance fixes from 5.0 to 5.2. Fixes in 5.3: [Surface] system Command to extend the hours · return […]

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Reviewing the Scout Folio – Case for iPad Air 2

The Scout Folio – Case for iPad Air 2 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a case to protect your iPad Air… for $49.95 USD. When I’m traveling I definitely want something like the Scout Folio – Case for iPad Air 2 . It’s strong, it’s tough, and will hold up to a lot of […]

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Reviewing the Navigator – Case for iPhone 6

For $34.95 USD, the Navigator Case for iPhone 6 is a solution to the fear of bending that shiny new phone. That video of the guy bending a 6 made me afraid of folding my phone in half. This case adds a lot of rigidity to keep the phone from bending. The combination of the back and […]

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FG-2 Earbuds Black (2nd Generation)

If you haven’t read my review on the  FG100 Earbuds Black (1st Generation), you need to read it here. Diving straight into the review!   These earbuds are amazing. Music is meant to be experienced, not tolerated. Without a good pair of headphones, you’re missing out on the top-of-the-line quality that your music has to […]

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Das Keyboard (18)

Review: Das Keyboard Professional Model S for Mac

Style: Cherry MX Blue key switch with Mac keys Review Big shout out to the guys over at Das Keyboards for sending me a review unit! (Picture Gallery at then end of the review)   The Das Keyboard is an absolute dream to type on. I don’t do many reviews on keyboards, but this is an exception. All I […]

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Qmadix Smudge Free Device Cleaning Kit Review

Qmadix just sent me a Smudge-Free Dry-Foam Cleaning Kit, thanks! It is formulated to safely clean your device from smudges, dirt, grime and makeup. The system safely cleans mobile devices, computer monitors, televisions (Plasma, LCD and LED), E-readers, tablets, keyboards, household electronics and more leaving no residue or streaks behind and has a clean scent. The […]

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Earbuds FG Black Review

Hey everyone, just got Hooked Up with some new Earbuds FG (Black) courtesy of Skunk Juice. The name/brand probably rings a bell as you might have seen them at CES 2011 and 2012 (me too!) No? Must have been the product placement in a YouTube with David Choi and TimothyDelaghetto.   Anyway, Diving right on in to […]

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Reviewing the Matias Dvorak Keyboard

Ahh, Dvorak. I always wanted to learn how to type using a Matias Dvorak Keyboard. Now that I have an “actual” DVORAK Keyboard, thanks to the guys over, I can now patiently teach myself.   Good History Knowledge: You might be surprised to learn that the reason you see the letters QWERTY, and the others […]

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Reviewing 3 Hoodies/Sweatshirts by ThinkGeek

Thinkgeek has sent me 3 Hoodies/Sweatshirts, awesome! The Domo-kun Hoodie ($39.99), Portal 2 Test Candidate Hoodie ($59.99  Expensive!), and a Meh Hoodie ($35.99).   Domo-kun Hoodie For fans of the famous Japanese monster character Domo-kun, here’s a great Hoodie for you! This hoodie features the unmistakable face of Japan’s most famous TV spokesmonster. Let everyone know […]

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Qmadix Xtreme Protective Case Review

Thanks qmadix, I have always been in the pursuit of the perfect case for my electronic devices, and the Xtreme Protective Case for the iPhone 4/4S comes genuinely close at achieving that goal. I am not usually prone to accidents when it comes to my smartphones as I have always been very careful with them by making sure they […]

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