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Ahmed Mohamed is a Fraud and here’s why.

Initially I was appalled at this kids arrest, however after Richard Dawson brought a closer look to my attention, I see he is absolutely correct. The kid took the guts out of a bedside clock and mounted it into a briefcase. Why is a good question? So why?   At 14, I knew enough not to […]

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Here are some amazing facts you already knew about Alibaba

As an American, I was ashamed when we allowed Alibaba to go public on our shores. No American company could do to another American company what Jack Ma did.   Here are some facts you already knew about Alibaba as to why Jack Ma is a thief: Jack Ma stole Alipay from Yahoo who owned 40% […]

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FileNimbus Now Accepting Bitcoin (BitPay & Coinbase)

Today at FileNimbus, We’re pleased to announce that starting today, we are accepting Bitcoin. Founded by Jason McCoy, FileNimbus is an All-in-One place to buy 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, 3D Printing Pens, Filaments and Creative STL Files with Free Shipping.  Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such […]

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When working in business, sending large files to colleagues and clients is necessary.Many of these documents may contain important and private information that must reach the hands of certain individuals without any delay. Online file sharing services take the hassle out of sending large files that often arise when you use FTP or email.    […]

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GameStop: Gamers could snub new consoles without pre-owned support

GameStop cites surveys of its customers. The game retailer – which makes around half of its profits from selling pre-owned games – has warned that its customers might decide not to buy a next generation games console if it blocks playing pre-owned titles.   GameStop spokesman, Matt Hodges, pointed to surveys of members of the […]

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“Social Fixer”: The Facebook You Want. Not The Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Wants You to Have

I joined Facebook in 2009 and the changes made to this site have mostly engendered mild annoyance to full Facebook rage since then. Every time Zuckerberg and company tweak Facebook, a hue and cry is sure to follow no matter how innocuous that tweak may be. So, my discovery of Social Fixer (formerly known as “Better Facebook” […]

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E3 – PlayStation 4 games “are in development”

But Sony is “not talking about when the machine is coming out.” Sony Computer Entertainment America’s senior vice president Scott Rohde is a rather blunt man when it comes to answering questions, it seems.   Asked whether he anticipates PlayStation 4 coming out within the next couple of years, and if he can confirm whether […]

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Too Big To Fail? Baseball Great, Curt Schilling Asking R.I. to Bailout “38 Studios”.

The man who gave us the legend of “The Bloody Sock” needs help and he’s asking Rhode Island taxpayers to foot the bill. Seems Curt, needing something to do after being legendary at baseball, started a video game company called 38 Studios (but not before calling it “Green Monster Games” and tattooing it on his […]

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Nvidia Targets Cloud Graphics With New Chips

Nvidia closing in on mobile space. The GPU-maker is targeting large data centers that provide cloud-based services to end users.   President and Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang showed off new technology based on its Kepler GPU architecture geared toward these conditions to drive the cloud-based services of tomorrow. “Kepler cloud GPU technologies shifts cloud computing […]

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XBOX, PS3: FIGHT! Microsoft Drops XBOX/Kinect Bundle for $99 and a Catch.

Hot on the heels of the PS3 price drop to $199.99, Microsoft has fired back with an XBOX/Kinect bundle for $99.00. The catch is you have to sign up for 2 years of XBOX Live Gold for $14.99 a month bringing the total package to around $460.  Wait, what? If you were going to sign […]

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