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Ron Burgundy announces there will be a sequel to Anchorman

Last night on the Conan O’Brian Show, news anchor Ron Burgundy guest starred. After “wow”-ing the audience with his Jazz Flute playing, he brutally insulted Conan O’Brian’s looks and concluded his appearance with the announcement that there will be a sequel to Anchorman. Having enjoyed Anchorman when it first came out in 2004, I am […]

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The 84th Academy Awards: The Real 9 Best Pictures of theYear!

So, it’s that time again! Time for Hollywood to stroke itself over another year of quality entertainment and inspiring film going experiences. Time for Meryl Streep to act “surprised” and “shocked” to win another Oscar. Time for another antiquated Billy Crystal performance. If you’re under the age of 35 go ahead and Wikipedia that name. […]

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Spirited Away Review

Chihiro’s parents are turned into pigs.   Spirited Away Directed by Hayao Miyazaki is one of my most favorite movies. It brings back a lot of memories. Movie starts out with her family in a Audi Saloon going to there new home. They take a shortcut (good idea!) and wind up lost. They come to […]

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5 Video Games That Need Movies

These are my top 5 Video Games That Need Movies   5. Crysis The Game: In the future, a massive alien structure is discovered in the Philippines. When the Raptor Team is sent in to evacuate civilians, they come under attack from an unknown force. Movie Version: Isolation horror in the same vein as The Thing, as the Raptor […]

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