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Mark Cuban tells Kyle Bass AI will ‘change everything’

Ultimately the goal is the hope to create human-level intelligence. Honestly, my most immediate concern with AI would be people overestimating its capabilities.   “The computer said it was fine, so we don’t need real world testing and validation or oversight” seems to be a potential future mantra for MBA’s looking to cut costs. We […]

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Thinking about choosing IT as a career? Read my answers to an aspiring IT professional!

I’m going to answer 2 questions today. One from a Junior in High School and a 24 year old Developer/Programmer Analyst (for a local bank).   Question from the Junior in High School: Email: Hi Jason, I’m a Junior in high school and I’ve been thinking about getting into IT and to the people who work […]

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The Future of e-commerce with Bill Gurley

On September 15th in San Francisco, Sailthru hosted a fireside chat with Bill Gurley of Benchmark, one of the world’s smartest tech investors, moderated by Emily Chang, correspondent and tech journalist of Bloomberg West. With investments in next generation technologies including Uber, OpenTable, Zillow, GrubHub, and Sailthru, Bill understands market opportunities, and can easily pinpoint […]

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10 Questions with Cartoonist Extraordinaire Lisa Hanawalt

Few cartoonists have come along in the last 10 to 15 years that exhibit the distinct style or creative voice as singularly unique and funny as Lisa Hanawalt. Since the 1990s, there’s been an emergence of more critically acclaimed “indy” comics, like Dan Clowes’ Eightball and Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library, both which have put […]

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