Catch Crisis the next Angry Birds?

JMYTH Inc. is working on an iPhone game called Catch Crisis and I think it’s going to be the next big iOS Game.

We got an early release as they are in Private Beta right now and we have to say that’s it’s REALLY FUN!


Take a look at the sneak-peak of the amazing and beautiful visuals below!


Here is the Loading Screen


Here is a new costume (Monkey) for your character so you don’t get bored of the original one!

monkey_anim_01 character_anim_01

They say that they will be using this as they Initial Release Front Page, I think it looks good!



Here is some in-game screen shots!

Quick-Game-Background_02 Quick-Game-Background_03


Here are picture of the falling objects!

Banana Coins

Some more in-game screen shots!

QuickGame_monkey_1 QuickGame_warrior_3 QuickGame_monkey_start QuickGame_warrior_start


Here is theĀ “Lottery Ticket” falling wildcard. This is will Double your points only under the condition that you don’t miss ANY falling objects for 15 seconds straight!


Pause screen looks gorgeous!



Different score screens for different characters!

Score-Background_monkey Score-Background_warrior_3


A good game is nothing without a shop! I love the background! Very appropriate for the theme!

Shop_3_1 Shop_3_2 Shop_4_1 Shop_4_2 Shop_4_3


I was told that there will be tons of revisions for the Achievements Section of the game, but with permission, here is their early mockup!

Achievements_Leaderboard Achievements_Quests1 Achievements_Quests2 Achievements_Top5


I think what will make this game great is the Story Mode section. It wont be available on the first release of the game as I was told they want to make it perfect! I’m pretty excited about this because I hear they are planning on different characters and falling objects for every stage of the game. Some character costumes wont be able to be purchased in the store. I think they will release a $0.99 of this app to have this unlocked, who knows.



What great app doesn’t have a great app icon? I think this greatly represents what the game is about.




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