Ben Carson thinks the Big Bang is a Fairy Tale

Anyone who uses the jet / hurricane comparison immediately outs themselves as not understanding the basics of evolution.

Anyone who reads even a little bit online about the scientific and proven explanation for evolution knows the jet/hurricane comparison does not apply whatsoever.


So, Ben Carson,

You think the big bang is a fairy tale based on the second law of thermodynamics? When was your last physics class? I ask because you clearly need your definition of entropy updated. Entropy describes a closed system’s tendency to go to disorder. You show a fundamental misunderstanding that has plagued Chemistry and Physics students. Although entropy does lead a system to an increasing state of disorder, the second law discusses more about aspects of heat transfer and a system’s ability to do work, not predict the expansion of the universe or orbital patterns. One can infer from the second law, however, that if the universe is cooling to come one day into a state of thermal equilibrium, that the logical outcome is what has been coined the “heat death“. This implies that once everything in the universe is the same temperature, no more work can be done. No more star birth… nothing, but that is really as far as that goes.

You are not looking at a closed system, we can’t even see the whole system yet. By your logic “oh the system looks more ordered than it should be” many enzymes should not work, as they appear to be more ordered. It is only when you take into account the solvation effects that the disorder appears. The scientists that came up with the Big Bang Theory, used mathematics and physics to create a testable hypothesis. If A Big Bang occurred, there would be background cosmic radiation that they would be able to detect. Which they did. I’m sure you, a Dr. of neurosurgery, can find the published work for it.

As for evolution, you’re running for president and you want to take on not one but 2 theories of science? Look up the scientific definition of a theory. You will alienate a lot of voters denying science. It would be nice to have had a president with a scientific background, unfortunately you must have lost that background along with your mind.


My Thoughts:

Ben here is picking and choosing certain aspects (or words) of certain theories and conflates them together to make them seem at odds w/ each other when they really are not at all and there is plenty of evidence supporting these theories, with none supporting the god delusion. It always amazes me when otherwise intelligent people are blinded by preposterous dogma. This guy actually believes that some invisible evil entity is manipulating the fabric of reality to make it look like evolution and the big bang are true.



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