Batman: Arkham City Brings Life and Pain to Characters

Batman: Arkham City, the latest installment of the Batman: Arkham Series was released for PS3 and Xbox360 in October and a PC version followed in November.

The game continues where the previous installment, Arkham Asylum left off and improves on that games already stupendous game play.


First of all, the new Batman Skins expansion pack has to be mentioned. The expansion isn’t good for much more than sentimental purposes, but, boy howdy, it is a trip to play with Adam West’s 1970s Batman or the 1990s animated Batman. The expansion allows users to don seven different Batman outfits. And the best part? Rocksteady is giving the expansion away for free as a “thank you” to those who have supported the game.

The game picks up in North Gotham, which has been converted to a huge detention center for the worst criminals the city has to offer. The gameplay takes place within the walls of this new mega-prison. The small scale of the gameplay zone could be a turn off for those who are used to navigating the boundless world of Skyrim, but Arkham City offers a realistic and fascinating look at a world populated by criminals and unfortunate innocent bystanders.

The combat within the game is beautifully realized with sound and physical effects that I would imagine pretty closely resemble what it sounds and looks like for Batman to lay a smackdown. The game also stays true to many of the points that the Batman faithful view as canonical. Appearances from classic Gotham City characters like the Penguin and Mr. Freeze are great nods to the series’ rich history and add a further level of fun to the game.

The real beauty of the game comes in the small details. Things like snowflakes landing on and cascading down Batman’s cape are great touches that add a level or realness that is beginning to become more and more popular and better realized in games.

Overall, Batman has explored bigger universes, but none have been brought to life the way Arkham City has. Whether you have a place in your heart for the caped crusader or you just appreciate the art of creating a universe out of pixels, Arkham City is a must-play game.


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