BAM! GameStop Pushing PS3 Goodness for $199.99

GameStop has dropped the price of a 160GB PS3 to $199.99 and may be aiming a shot over Sony’s bow regarding the lockout rumor in the next gen Playstation. The magic price point has been rumored for some time but GameStop isn’t waiting for Sony to pull the trigger. I think we’ll see a big sales bounce that holds steady through Christmas. The PS3 is now priced less than your next smartphone and anybody selling Blu-Ray discs for a living might want hitch a car to this train as well.

That’s a pretty sweet $50 profit Sony makes on every unit GameStop sells until they make the drop official. I’d wait until August but if the numbers are huge, Sony might want to think twice about antagonizing GameStop in the future. Moving warehouses full of PS3’s is a good way to remind Sony that the threat of not selling PS4’s has some real teeth. Criminally overpriced at launch, $199.99 for a PS3 right now is a steal. It really does do everything. And if that weren’t enough, GameStop offers a bundle with your choice of Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition or *girlish squeal* BATMAN: ARKHAM FREAKING CITY! That should move a few units. I’ll keep you posted.

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