All Republican Candidates Believe SOPA Goes too Far

I try and stay away from politics as this is a primarily a Tech/Game site, but when one of the Republican presidential candidates addressed the issue on SOPA, it qualified as an article on this site.

One of the issues the Republican presidential candidates have not addressed that much is the internet. During the The Republican Presidential Debate Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich has said that they all believe that SOPA is not the right solution to fighting off piracy. 


Mitt Romney has said that regulations like the Stop Online Piracy Act can kill businesses.


Santorum went on to explain that from his perspective, not every right or freedom is unlimited, and their needs to be regulations in place to limit the extent of a certain right.

“There is, and can be, a limitation on that. You know, freedom of speech. The things you can’t say. You can’t cry ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. And there are limitations to all freedoms. They’re not absolute rights. They are rights that have responsibilities that come with them, and if you abuse those rights… then you have a consequence of you using that right.”


Santorum identified piracy as an abuse of one’s rights. While acknowledging that the internet can be

“a powerful force for good,”

he argued that making it a “regulation-free zone” would be the wrong approach.


Here is a video about what Ron Paul things about SOPA


Newt Gingrich has not addressed the issue on SOPA much, but I hope to hear about about his thoughts on it.

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