Ahmed Mohamed is a Fraud and here’s why.

Initially I was appalled at this kids arrest, however after Richard Dawson brought a closer look to my attention, I see he is absolutely correct.

The kid took the guts out of a bedside clock and mounted it into a briefcase. Why is a good question? So why?


At 14, I knew enough not to lie. We are not talking about some toddler here. And all over the Internet, kids the same age are doing all kinds of things in the service of “going viral“, which is what we aspire to now in lieu of actually accomplishing something meaningful. Sorry, but I am on Dawkins’ side on this one.

If you ask me, I think he had help from his family (father). Here’s why:

Ahmed Mohamed’s father is a well known political stuntman who even named his trucking company “twin towers transportation” (mocking 9/11) and has also ran for president in Sudan multiple times. The entire narrative is a farce and setup and I truly believe that this incident was put up to this by his asshole of an islamic-activist father in order to gin up outrage of some sort. Only time will tell whether that is true or not.

In that case, Make magazine was seriously duped. With nearly no time to fact check, Make engaged in lots of PR around this, including advertisements for your clock kits. So, this event in which a youth was detained and then gained notoriety was quite beneficial to your organization.

Its now my opinion that the youth’s actions were designed to trigger exactly what happened. Since creating a hoax device in Texas is a crime, the school and the police were within reason to detain him, BASED ON HIS ACTIONS AND BEHAVIORS. If they wanted to persecute him, they could have kept him in jail and prosecuted, which they chose not to do. I agree that everyone starts somewhere. Lavishing gushing praise on undeserved and unremarkable work does nothing to help an aspiring inventor. It also serves to demoralize young people who have achieved considerable accomplishments through hard work learning and building.

One thing I’m noticing is how low peoples’ expectations are for a 14 year old. Why the declining standards? 14 years olds are capable of an amazing degree of ingenuity.

I’d probably praise a 7-8 year old for unboxing a clock but not a high schooler.


I spoke to a friend who’s muslim and he completely agrees with me on this. He stayed very quiet when this story first came out. Him being muslim, he started seeing all his muslim friends become outspoken about it, sharing the story on social media, etc. While he said their hearts were in the right place (they just believed/accepted what the story said without investigating it further), it bothered him how we are so quick to judge when something fits our own schemes and paradigms.


My Thoughts:

I’m outraged that so many stupid people don’t see it for what it is: an excuse to draw sympathy (misplaced, of course) for muslims. This little fraud did not “build” a clock. He took apart an old 80s digital display clock, stuck it in a pencil-box shaped like a suitcase, and hoped against hope that the school would react as it did. That foul family, far from being insulted and indignant, is privately ecstatic that this scheme worked out so beautifully.

Any westerner that can’t see what this is actually about deserves what the islamists have in mind for them.

Take a look at this video. So… will Obama invite this guy to the white house too?

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