Adobe is killing its development on Mobile Flash Player

Adobe confirmed today that because of Apple’s rejection to Adobe’s Mobile Flash Player, this has lead to its demise.


And another technology that Adobe destroys, but this time it is one of their own (which they bought from Macromedia), and then managed down the toilet. Instead of putting time and effort into mobile flash, Adobe has decided to focus on AIR and HTML5 apps, but don’t worry, they will still continue to update the security for Mobile Flash.┬áChambers made a quote saying “No matter what we did, the Flash Player was not going to be available on Apple’s iOS anytime in the foreseeable future.


Mr Steve Jobs was ahead of time, he knew what was coming and that makes him a true visionary of the computer technology industry. I hope Adobe will make agreements with Microsoft to allow Windows 8 apps to play well with HTML5 and Adobe Air, this will attract many developers to the Windows tablet ecosystem.


If you haven’t read my other article informing of Flash’s Demise you should take a look at it.

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