About Us

NerdOrGeek is an aspiring and booming technology weblog about consumer electronics and is known for its up to date coverage of the technology industry, along with topics as broad as Blockchain and many other categories that fit with our site in the Etc Section.

As our writing staff grew so did our site. Today, we cover topics as broad and diverse as mobile phones, accessories, video game hardware, software, current technology business news, events, computer forensics, blockchain and much more. We are focused on providing this news in part to help consumers make informed technology purchases. We are still a young site that is aggressively growing and expanding our reach across the web. I believe that the internet and technology is still young and has plenty of room for opportunities and innovations.

We improve on ourselves and the site everyday. We hope that our written articles and/or visual video reviews and “how-to” tutorials will help you in your technology driven lives. Our goal was initially trying to get into E3, but now has expanded further to other Conferences and Press Events such as CES, Pax, Gen Con, and more! Ultimately we are here for your (viewer’s) pleasure, such as your need for new information on technology or your want to know the latest gaming news.


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