New Abilities in Mass Effect 3

In an interview with Eric Fagnan, gameplay designer, and Corey Gaspur Combat Designer for Mass Effect 3, they talked about the Collector’s Edition and the new features in combat.


A lot of effort was put into improving the powers of the characters. Every character has a unique power, and also they improved the old Mass Effect 2’s powers.

One of the cool things with the century turret is that you can deploy it and see it through walls. One of the old ME2 powers that was upgraded was “overload”, which is a anti-shield power in ME2. In ME3, it was given a couple of extra upgrades, where you can do a chain attack.

There is a couple new notable abilities in ME3 called, “vanguard” and “nova”. As well as a new Krogan shotgun. Vanguard is a shock ability that sends out a forcefield to nearby enemies, which a lot of people liked including me, in ME2. Nova is a close range shockwave power that is a high risk, high reward power, just like charge. It will expand your barrier to do high damage to all enemies around it.

One of the other things they improved was the melee combat. They wanted to give them more options in close combat and give them more tactics. In regards to that, they gave every character a new unique close combat ability.

The Adepts heavy melee will send the enemy flying through the air with high force, whereas the Engineer’s heavy melee is completely different, being high damage, low force, being all fire based. This will help the Engineer defeat heavy armored opponents.

The enemies AI is fully revamped, they’re smarter. There are some enemies where you can’t shoot them head on, so being an Adept, you can pull the shields right from the enemies hand. Other classes may have different strengths or weaknesses against certain enemies. For example, the Cerebus Engineer can deploy a little turret in the world, which is pretty hard to deal with, but if you are the Engineer player class you can hack that turret and turn it against the Cerebus Faction. And that function is what the team has put a lot of time into, making each class have different ways of interacting with the enemies in unique and interesting ways.


Pictures courtesy of Pulse.

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