Best 7 Anime Characters…

If you haven’t seen my other article on my ” Worst 5 Anime Characters… ” you should read it, it’s a pretty funny article.

 *no spoilers, on the ongoing anime. Only on the ones that are completed*


Black Cat – Train Heartnet

Let’s get one thing clear, Black Cat was awesome, and Train Heartnet was one of the main reasons. Granted, this show was loaded with awesome characters, but Train man, he wrecked it all.

  • He can block bullets with his gun because he has the reflexes of…well…..a cat.

He’s the man.


Code Geass – Lelouch Lamperouge/Zero

Do I really have to explain? Ahhhh dayumm. Lelouch is freaking awesome.

I’m just going to list in bullets:

  • Genius at Chess.
  • Bad-ass at formulating plots, as well as creating strategies.
  • Looks freaking awesome.
  • Is an anti-hero, which I love.
  • Provided me with many bad-ass moments.

Code Geass rocked hard.


D.Gray Man – Marian Cross

This anime did have some sick characters and the best of these being, of course,Marian Cross. He’s awesome, and here’s why:




Deathnote – Light Yagami

Okay, so the way that he kills people isn’t really “bad ass.” I might even say that it probably doesn’t even feel like you’re really killing someone when all you do is write down their name and picture their face. But, God damn it, Light has got to be the best tactician in anime. Lelouch couldn’t even put up with the likes of Light. I mean, Light planned….well, I don’t want to say exactly. But the longer that the show carried on without a bad-ass moment, the bigger the bad-ass moment was when it came. And it was mainly all Light (L was cool too, in fact it took me a while to decided between Light and L..but Light got the better of L in the end, soo).Light can almost never be outsmarted (until the inevitable end….and a kid beat him? Really? That kid was like….13 years old.)


Dragonball Z – Vegeta

See that picture? I shouldn’t have to explain why Vegeta is the best character in DBZ. He’s a bad ass Sayain with a sick ass voice. He’s also evil (until they make a mistake and make him a good guy). He kicks ass and is the shit. Easily my favorite character in DBZ, and one of my favorite characters ever.


Fullmetal Alchemist (season 1) – Edward Elric

This was probably the hardest one yet…..sort of. At the end of the series (episode 49 to be exact and precise), Ed became the MAN, and I have to give him props for that. I mean, he transfigured himself.

Besides that, there’s the fact that he:

  • Is crazy at alchemy.
  • Has automail for one arm and one leg, and transfigures his arm into a weapon at some points (oh sure he can do that, but when his arm breaks it’s somehow impossible to transfigure back).
  • He doesn’t need to draw a gay ass circle to perform alchemy.

You have to watch Brotherhood if you haven’t already.


One Piece – Luffy

I started this show when it was only in its 200 some-odd episode. I thought, “By the time I catch up, it will probably be over.” How nieve and uneducated I was. Little did I know, the manga was and still is and will be for a long ass time, ongoing. This is why he is so awesome:

  • He’s rubber
  • He’s clueless and can still kick ass.
  • He has Haki






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