12 Hole Zelda Tenor Ocarina Review

A shoutout to stlocarina for sending me a 12 Hole Zelda Tenor Ocarina and Rupee Tenor Ocarina with Zelda Songbooks and Protective Bag.

This special edition of 12 hole Zelda tenor ocarina is a new design, with a pitch range from A4 to F6.


For $100.00 you get a Zelda Songbook Volume One and Volume Two as well as a protective bag. Since the purchase is over $80, you get free shipping.

While Zelda replicates are not neccessarily the best Ocarinas to start with, stlocarina tenor has some features that make it easier to play. It makes a great addition to a cosplay costume, nice collectors piece for the Zelda fans, and also has a nice rich tone.


Pitch Range:

Zelda Tenor is fully chromatic and plays in the Key of C, from A4 – F6. Giving it a range of one octive, plus five for a total of 13 notes.


Physical Characteristic:

It’s 6-inches long and is about 4-inches wide… It weighs a little less than 8 oz, which is just about the same as the Nintendo DS Lite. Because it is a replica, it’s designed to look just like the Ocarina of Time from the games, down to the Shiny platinum band with a Triforce symbol on the mouth piece. Also, the mouth piece has been angled forward slightly which relieves strain on the wrist, making it more comfortable to play for longer periods of time. It is made of Glazed Ceramic so the texture is smooth like glass with a shiny glossy finish. Because ocarinas with a round shape can present a challenge for quickly covering the sub holes, both of the sub holes have been moved closer to the main hole making them easier to access and greatly improving the playablility. With this in mind, I think the ergonomic improvements make this the easiest to play zelda songs.



It’s moderately loud with rising breath requirements. The Ocarina is faily dynamic and requires less breath on the lower notes and more breath in the higher notes, which creates a crescendo effect with the volume.


Difficulty and Skill Level:

Because you need to have good breath control I would recommend this to a Intermediate player or Beginner with some woodwind experience. While a commited Beginner can definately can learn on this Ocarina I would recommend starting out on a less dynamic ocarina with easier breath requirements. Such as the Echo, Plastic, and Florentine, then moving up to the Zelda Tenor.



It has a full rich tone which is moderately bright and very resonant. While less responsive than an Ocarina with a thinner body, playing Vibrato is still very easy. The tone also has a bit of texture, which gives it an earthly organic quality.



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